• Ms Dorothy Nanyonga from the US Mission, Kampala, interacts with journalists in an elections reporting training.
  • UMDF trains Journalists in governance issues, multi-media skills and conflict transformation
  • Members of Parliament on the Media Forum with the UMDF team after presenting the proposed Shield Law Recently
  • World Press Freedom Day May 3, 2016: Access to Information and Fundamental Freedoms: Our Right!
  • ugandan journalists

Welcome to Uganda Media Development Foundation - (UMDF)

Uganda Media Development Foundation (UMDF) is a registered media NGO (Number S.5914/2747) founded in 1994 by a group of journalists with a common vision of a pro-active media that participates in the democratic and development processes in the country. UMDF aims to enhance the capacity of media practitioners to play an active and meaningful role in the realization of democracy, human rights observance, and development in general.

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