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FOJO Media Institute

The Fojo Media Institute supports independent media and freedom of expression in Sweden and internationally. Fojo is the leading media development institute in Sweden and is a dialogue partner to the Swedish government on media development issues.

Over the years, Fojo has trained 50 000 journalists from more than 90 countries. Fojo is a non-profit academic institution within the Linnaeus University. We are independent and our agenda is fully open: Professional journalism, freedom of expression, democracy and human rights. Fojo prefesr to work with local or regional partners that have long-term perspectives and a clear ownership of the media development in the region/country as well as a broad approach on how to make real and lasting change.

Examples of current long-term partners for Fojo are the Birzeit University Media Institute in Palestine, the Media Resource and Training Centre in Jaffna (Sri Lanka), the Belarus Association of Journalists (BAJ) and the Vietnam Ministry of Culture and Information Press Dept and the Union of Journalists in Moscow. With support from Sida, Fojo is now partnering with Uganda Media Development Foundation in a three year “Action for Transparency” project.

“Action for Transparency” literally puts the power to change in the hands of the citizens. In a joint collaboration with Transparency International - Uganda, the project is being implemented in the districts of Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso as pilot areas.