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Hundreds gather in Kyotera as Uganda celebrates 56 years of independence

KYOTERA. Hundreds of people are heading to Kasasa grounds in Kyotera Town Council, Kyotera District to celebrate 56 years of Uganda’s independence.

Various guests including; ambassadors, ministers, religious leaders and Members of Parliament among others are already at the venue.

A fleet of yellow buses started as early as 7am to collect people from various villages around Kyotera and Rakai Districts leading them to the venue. Many people are still lining up along streets in Kyotera Town, waiting for free transport service.

Local musicians are keeping the audience entertained. Police have deployed heavily to secure the venue and its neighbourhoods.

According to the Kyotera District Police Commander, Mr Musa Kayongo, all the routes leading to Kasasa grounds are well secured to ensure sanity during the celebrations.

“We ask all our people to cooperate well with the officers because they are deployed to ensure their security," Mr Kayonga said.

Several routes leading to the venue are decorated with Uganda flags. In Kyotera Town and Kasasa Township, business people are going about their usual businesses.

Mr Moses Kiwanuka, a businessman in Kyotera Town says the prevailing poverty cannot allow him to take part in the independence celebrations.

“Poverty is biting hard and we no longer have time for such events. If I close my shop and go to Kasasa, who feed my family? We left such celebrations to civil servants,” he says .

56 years ago, Uganda’s first executive Prime Minister Milton Obote set four-fold priorities for an independent Uganda: political stability, safeguarding the economy, improving social services and building an efficient civil service. That was at Kololo ceremonial grounds in Kampala on the night of October 9, 1962.

This afternoon, President Museveni will, for the 33rd time, ascend the rostrum to speak to Ugandans as they observe the 56th anniversary of independence.