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Murdered Europeans: Police dismisses ISO allegations of doctored report

Police has dismissed allegations by the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) that its report on the death of European nationals was doctored to suit a desired narrative.

Following the murder of two Europeans - Finnish entrepreneur Terasvouri Tuomas Juha Petteri, 42, and Alex Nordlarndar Sebastien Andreas, 41, from Sweden within a space of two days, then police chief Gen Kale Kayihura, on February 20 released a report saying the two died of mixed drugs intoxication.

Emilian Kayima


Sebastien was found dead in his room at Sheraton hotel on February 5 while Terasvouri was also found dead in his room at Pearl of Africa hotel a day later. Kayihura said police had examined blood, liver and urine samples of the two men and found traces of cocaine, morphine and opium. Also, Kayihura pesticides were derived from stomach contents of the two men.

“Our report was true and supported by the evidence of experts. If there is any suspicion, they can be addressed appropriately but as far as I know, we did a good job. Our report is ok,” police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said.

Lt Col Joseph Aliganyira, the ISO director for political affairs told journalists last week on Tuesday that the police report on the death of Petteri was manipulated. He said, the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage which the police released in regard to death of Petteri was digitally doctored and according to ISO’s analysis. Aliganyira sais ISO found a lot of insertions and removals of images in the footage, which is intended to disrupt them from investigating the actual cause of Petteri’s death.

Reports indicate Petteri was invited to Uganda on a forged letter bearing the signature of Col Kaka Bagyenda, the Director General ISO, to negotiate a deal of supplying government with security equipment.

“It [CCTV footage] was manipulated. There were a lot of insertions, trying to create someone who looked like him [Peterri]. One has a bald head but the other doesn’t,” Aliganyira said.

However Kayima said police will not be derailed and would continue with their investigations to establish why and who murdered the foreign nationals. 

“The suspects that were waiting to interrogate, and were being investigated by our sister security ISO have been handed over to us for questioning,” he said.

Kayima said, they are five suspects under interrogation and these are Faridah Naggayi, Apollo Kyabagye, Carol Arinda, Musa Nyanzi and Fatumah Kabagambe.

Kayima refused to give more details of where the suspects are currently detained and when they are appearing in court claiming that it will jeopardise their investigations.

"We shall not divulge further details,” he said.