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radio programmes

Peace Journalism partner stations

Over the last five years, UMDF has worked with a number of model radio stations that have been producing peace journalism programmes. This partnership is built with carefully selected stations which exhibit high levels of commitment to the conflict-sensitive programming principles, regular reporting and strict accountability requirements. The stations’ performances are evaluated every quarter and those that consistently fail to meet the minimum standards are replaced with new ones.

In the new project cycle that started on 1 January 2014 and runs up to the end of December 2016, the following stations are our partners:

a)Guide Radio- Kasese
1.Radio Frequency: 91.4 Fm
2.Name of P.J Program: The Mirror
3.Time and day:5:00pm-6pm Friday
4.Language of Broadcast: Lukonzo,English Runyoro -Rutooro

b)Voice of Tooro (Fort Portal)
1.Radio Frequency:101.0 Fm
2.Name of P.J Program:"Iraka Lyawe" (Your Voice)
3.Time and day:8.00am-10am Friday
4.Language of Broadcast: Runyakitara

a) Radio Pacis- Arua
1.Radio Frequency:94.5 Fm
2.Name of P.J Program:Let's Talk Peace
3.Time and day:5:05pm-5:35pm Wednesday
4.Language of Broadcast:Lugbara and Alur

a) Radio Wa- Lira
1.Radio Frequency:89.8 Fm
2.Name of P.J Program: Abam
3.Time and day:2:30pm-3:30pm Saturday
4.Language of Broadcast: Luo

b) Radio Tembo- Kitgum
1.Radio Frequency:103.5
2Name of P.J Program: Wia Abam
3.Time and day:2:30pm-3:30pm Saturday
4.Language of Broadcast: Luo

a) Etop Radio-Soroti
1.Radio Frequency:94.4 Fm
2.Name of P.J Program:"Ekwaikasi Aii" (What is the way forward)
3.Time and day:7:00pm-8:00pmThursday
4.Language: Ateso

b) Signal FM- Mbale
1.Radio Frequency: 88.1 Fm
2.Name of P.J Program:Conflict Resolution Program
3.Time and day:7:00pm-8:00pmThursday
4.Language: Luganda and Lumasaba

a) Region-Nenah FM
1.Radio Frequency:104.7 Fm
2.Name of P.J Program:"Arupepe" (Trumpet)
3.Time and day:10:30 am
4.Language: Nkgakarimojong

a) Buddu Fm
1.Radio Frequency:98.8 Fm and 95.5 Fm
2.Name of P.J Program:Twezimbe
3.Time and day:11:00pm12:00pm Thursday
4.Language: Luganda

a) Ssebo Fm
1.Radio Frequency:98.8 Fm and 95.5 Fm
2.Name of P.J Program:Twisanye
3.Time and day:9:15 Saturday
4.Lusoga and Luganda