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Speaker Oulanyah defends police deployment at Parliament

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah has defended the heavy security deployment at Parliament, instead faulting Members of Parliament for inciting violence.

It follows concerns from a section of MPs on the heavy Military police and regular police presence around Parliament and the city centre.

The deployment comes amidst heightened tensions on the proposed scrapping of article 102(b) from the Constitution, which restricts the presidential age limit to between 35 and 75 years of age.

Police deployment around parliament

The heavy deployment has drawn condemnation of legislators. However, Oulanyah has defended the deployment, saying security can't sit back and watch yet some MPs have declared violence.

"So if you are threatening violence and at the same time you expect the police to stay very far away from where you are planning to execute your violence.

From that scene where you have publicly declared will be the scene of violence but at the same time you’re saying the police should be very far away. Really? Honourable members, I think let us do things properly. If we do things properly the way we’re supposed to do then, nobody would be around. People are just doing their job", he said.
He says police is doing its job, which shouldn't worry the legislators as long as they maintain order. Parliament may debate motions on the proposed scrapping of the presidential age limit on Thursday once the two speakers agree on the matter.
On Tuesday, Oulanyah told the plenary that he had received a motion in relation to the age limit and another notice of motion and expects to discuss the matter with the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga on Thursday morning on how to proceed before the motions are presented to Parliament.

Kadaga who has been away on official duty is reportedly back in the country.