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US Mission Uganda

US Mission  funds Elections Reporting training for Ugandan Journalists

Uganda Media Development Foundation has completed elections reporting  training for 75 jounalists in three regions of mbarara,Gulu and Arua. The training was funded by the US Mission  Uganda. This follows a similar training in Masaka, Mbale and Fort Portal done earlier this year.

The Overall objective of the program is to build the capacity of selected journalists  to engage  professionally with the electoral process for the 2016 general elections.

 Uganda is set to hold the next general elections in 2016. The ruling NRM government has been in power since 1986 and by the next election, it will have ruled under one President for 30 years. Ahead of these elections, the political landscape has changed dramatically. The NRM government has experienced unprecedented succession struggles for the presidency, while the opposition parties have all changed leadership but still remain divided on fronting a joint candidate to challenge the NRM. 

 The media is one of the most powerful influences on how elections are run and how they are perceived within and outside the country. To adequately perform this role, journalists must be equipped with both the knowledge of democratic governance, and the skills to report on all aspects and stages of the electoral process.

 Specific objectives:

 1.To equip the journalists with basic knowledge of media and electoral democracy.

2.To enable the journalists acquire and engage skills in responsible practice in elections reporting.

3.To build the capacity of the journalists to amplify the voices of the voters, who are the principal stakeholders of the elections, in the media.

Expected outcomes:

1.Have a minimum of  75 journalists trained in the first phase on the principles of elections reporting as on way of enhancing their capacity to access, assess and communicate election news to the public

2.Increased reporting on and follow up of key electoral processes to enhance voter knowledge and information 

3.Functional platforms such as websites, radio programs as well as other forms of social media where journalists can  freely practice and share their reports on elections