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Media And Gender

While Uganda has made some progress in the ares of gender equality, there are still challenges in many ares. Despite the enhancement of domestic violence Act(2010), Gender based  violence perpecuated against womwn and girls is still rife estimated at over 60% by various studies. Such violence appears to be socially- accepted and accompaned by a culture of impunity.

Maternal mortality is still amongest the highest in the region and the division of a labour in the household still burdens women rather than men. At the house hold level, progress in the transformation of unequal gender roles has been relatively slow, due to persistent patriarchal attitudesand deep-rooted nagative attitudes regarding the roles, responsbilities and identities of men and women in all spheres of life.

This project known as Using radio to senstise communities to reduce child marriages aims to contribute towards gradually reducing early girl child marriages in seven regions of uganda. Under th eproject, 200 journalists will be trained to produce Gender Senstive Programmes and also conduct community dialogues with a view of senstizing communities on the dangers of early girl child marriages. It is funded by Bread for the World with support fro the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation. Project regions include, Rwenzori, Arua, Karamoja, Soroti, Mbale, Busoga and greater Masaka.